FAQS about Tufting workshop

- About design

Q: What size can I make in the tufting workshop?

  •  You can make a cushion cover 45cm x 45cm or a small rug in 45cm x 45cm.

Q: Which colours do you have?

  •  I always have more than 25 colours. But they are not always the same. Because it is hand dyed in small batches. Some colours are not enough for a big surface though. If you want specific colours, please ask me before the workshop. I’d appreciate that your design would be a bit flexible.You can have a look colourful past works from tufting workshop here.

Q: How should I make a design?

  •  It can be any design like a drawing. It should not be too detailed.If you are not sure, please ask me before the workshop.   

Q: How should I bring my design?

  • You can bring your own phone or paper.You need to draw your design freehand on the canvas.If you need exact shapes or text, bring your design in mirrored on paper in the same size.

- About booking

Q: How can I book a spot?

  • Please contact me. I don’t have fixed date.I open spots about one month before. I let you know if there are spots last minute on instagram. Please check it.

Q: Do you offer a group workshop?

  • Yes, max. 4 people together.

- About tools

Q: Which model of tufting guns do you have?

  • AK01 cut pile tufting, NK01 cut pile tufting gun and NK02 loop pile tufting gun. There are no differences between the AK01 and the NK01 as far as I can tell. They look almost identical and have the same features.

Q: Can I bring my own tufting gun?

  • Yes, if you have AK01, NK01, AK02, NK02. 

- Others

Q: I don’t have any experience of tufting. Is it fine?

  • Yes! This workshop is for people who want to enjoy and learn tufting. People attend to learn basic techniques and information before they start tufting.

Q: In which language?

  • In English. Or Japanese:)

Q: Can I take a break during the workshop?

  • Of course, you are welcome to do so at any time. Your hands and arms may get tired.