Tufting workshop in Berlin
The ideal class to discover Tufting

𓋤 You will be creating your very own tufted work using 2 different tufting guns.
-a cushion cover ( 45cm x 45cm) or a small rug/ tapestry  (about 45cm x 45cm)

𓊍You will learn to use the tufting guns to create different textures and results.  
The necessary materials and tools are provided.
Materials are 100% wool produced in Europe.All colours are carefully hand dyed by me.

𓈊The session starts at 13.00 and lasts about 4 hours, depending on your design.

𓎋After the workshop the process needs a night for glue drying and finishing. 
I will ship your finished work to you in the next days. (Shipping cost is included in Germany)

𓊎Previous knowledge is not necessary.
Price : 135 euro for one person *max.4 together
Date : booking individually
Place : Home studio in Berlin, Neukölln 12053

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